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Its time for Change! Diversity Awareness, Education and Action Training

Awareness, Education and Action through Thought provoking DEIB Training that foster psychological safety and bravery

DEIB Training for forward thinking organisations and individuals who want to create positive change


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An essential Guide designed to keep you aligned with your commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.


Chikere is an experienced Executive Recruiter, Facilitator, and DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) advocate driven by a profound passion for fostering diversity and inclusion. Her mission is clear: to educate employees, transform organisations into more diverse and inclusive spaces, and empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to drive positive change.


As the visionary founder of Inclucive, a DEIB Consultancy, Chikere is dedicated to helping organisations embed inclusivity at their core. She places great value on forging long-term partnerships and collaborates with clients committed to building a strong foundation for diversity and inclusion within their structures.


Chikere founded—a safe haven where Allies gather to learn and grow. Additionally, she leads the Allyship Book Club, a thriving community of 388 members and counting.


Born in Southampton, England, to a Trinidadian mother who belongs to the Windrush generation and a Nigerian father, Chikere's upbringing instilled in her a deep-seated dedication to equality, equity, and social justice. Her mission involves amplifying and empowering the voices of underrepresented communities. With expertise in Allyship, gender, recruitment, retaining diverse talent and understanding race (including anti-racism), she serves as a subject matter authority in these critical areas.


Chikere loves travelling and uses every opportunity to. She lives in Lewisham, London with her husband and sons.

Dylan is an experienced training facilitator with cultural intelligence capabilities to cultivate supportive teams that value diversity in all its dimensions, foster collaboration, and safeguard inclusive and equitable decision-making.

South African born, Dylan has had the privilege of living in Botswana, Hungary, the UK, Germany and currently Spain. He self-identifies as LGBTQ+ and remains guided by his values of humility, openness, and lifelong learning.


Dylan is on a mission to hold space for people to connect and engage, to learn and grow.

About Me




Creating a Comprehensive DEIB Strategy: Addressing Anti-Racism, Unconscious Bias, Facilitated Anti-Racism Conversations, Race & Allyship, and Effective Diverse Talent Attraction and Retention



Available for Speaking Engagements on DEIB Topics, including Race, Allyship, and Recruiting

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Simon Amesbury

Head of Talent & People - Unite Students

We recently worked with Chikere, who delivered a workshop on Allyship to our HR team. She really helped us to deepen our understanding of many aspects of anti-racism and allyship, and challenged us all to think differently. It was a hugely educational session that really left its mark on us all, and made a real difference to our thinking on this most complex of subjects. Chikere has a warm and engaging style of delivery, and broaches sometimes difficult subject matter in a way that challenges established thinking in a positive way. She has a real knack for making you challenge your own preconceptions and think critically. I highly recommend her if you want to help your team to really understand the issues around diversity, inclusion, anti-racism and allyship.

" In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist."

—  Angela Davis

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